After recent violence on the streets of London, how will the majority of people react if their democratic freedom is stolen by the political elite?

Katie Hopkins predicts anarchy in the UK! In a recent online video is she right?

Rumors abound about the army and the police being on standby for serious disorder. The reality is that the micro sized police and army stationed in Britain could not cope with serious civil disorder or even civil disobedience.

In the 1970s, 80s and 90s in Norther Ireland the highly trained and motivated RUC and British army were pushed to the limit during orchestrated riots and civil disorder, if such events were to take place country wide, the resources are simply not there to contain any concerted campaign of civil disobedience let alone disorder.

The liberal elite who are intent on betraying the will of the people should think long and hard about the cost of betraying the majority of people in this great nation who voted for freedom 2 years ago.


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