“Since being saved from destruction last February UKIP’s fortunes have been rising: membership is rising markedly, substantial donations are coming in, and we have gone from 1%-2% in the polls to around 7%-8%. And once again UKIP threatens the political status quo.” Gerard Batten

Our political and ideological opponents have not failed to notice.  The ‘UKIP is dead’ narrative has had to be updated. The new narrative being pushed by the mainstream media is that under my leadership UKIP is being taken to the ‘far-right’ or the ‘hard-right’.

What these terms actually mean is not explained.  As far as one can gather this is anyone who is not in line with the accepted politically-correct culturally-Marxist consensus. That is hardly what most people would understand by ‘far-right’.

The name calling is of course just used to shut down comment and debate on subjects that are not supposed to be mentioned or debated. So, what do I and UKIP actually stand for?

I have been involved in active politics for the last 26 years. My motivations are the same as everyone in UKIP. They are as follows:

  • I want to live in a Britain that is a sovereign, independent, democratic nation.


  • I don’t want to live in a Britain where our laws are made somewhere else. Which is why, as part of UKIP, I have campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union.


  • I want to live under laws made by our own democratically elected Parliament, led by a government elected by the British people and answerable to the British people through the ballot box.


  • I want to live in a Britain governed under our own statute and Common Law – not in a Britain governed by Rules, Regulations and Directives from a foreign power.


  • I want to live in a Britain that has restored its traditional liberties and freedoms. For example, the freedom from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment – liberties now set aside under such EU legal instruments as the European Arrest Warrant.


  • I would like to live in a Britain that restores the best of our legal and political traditions and uses them protect our own people; while moving forward to embrace global trade, friendship and co-operation with all the nations of the World, where it is in our national interest.


  • I want to live in a Britain where we have free speech and can talk about ideas, ideologies and practices – without fear of infringing so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws and a visit from the thought-police.

Apparently, if you want these things it now makes you ‘far-right’ or ‘hard-right’ – at least as designated by some of our political opponents and the mainstream media.

And of course, if you dare to speak out about the Dark Age ideology rapidly gaining ground in Britain then you will certainly be called uncomplimentary names.

The many thousands of people who have joined and worked for UKIP in the past 25 years, and the many thousands who will join in the coming months and years, all believe in the things above.  The fact that we are being called names means we are making progress.  Let’s make sure we keep it up – our country needs us.

2 Replies to “Could Gerard Batten be the unlikely Churchill of our generation?”

  1. Gerard Batten is a breath of fresh air & is the man to lead Britain out of the EU. The disastrous attempt by TM to keep Britain tied to the EU despite a vote to leave all areas of the European Union is going to be critical at the next GE. Batten could swing this to either induce a hung Parliament, or even the shock of the public’s opinion to divert the disastrous nose dive of centre left politics.

  2. really good interview with GB ( great initials btw Gerard – exactly the questions I’ve been asking myself about UKIP’s place ( & future ) in the political arena & the multiplicity of fringe outfits . There seems to me only one outstanding figure that could lead the party to something really exciting after Gerard has consolidated things – Raheem

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