Almost minutes after Bo Jos piece defending the rights of Islamic women to wear the veil was published, a well spoken well dressed Tory Muslim took to the airwaves demanding that Boris have the whip withdrawn, accusing him of Islamophobia! Who was this man and why would he attack Boris for defending women’s rights to choose if they wear the veil or not?

The man who wants to depose Boris is part of an Islamic lobby group that is now at the heart of the Tory party the group is called the Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF), another member of the CMF is a former candidate for the chairman of the Muslim council of Britain, the MCB  has a very colorful past, one of the founder members of the MCB is a convicted Bangladeshi war criminal. The MCB  is widely reported to have close ties with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist political party Jamaat e Islami or its European cover the Islamic Forum of Europe. The MCB was at one time the go to movement for the UK government and UK media relating to Islamic issues, they fell from grace several years ago after a number of accusations of extremist views were made against some of their leaders.

The fact that senior members of the (CMF) are involved with the MCB at the highest level should be a cause for concern, it is not far fetched to think that the same Islamist and extremist opinions held by some members of the MCB would be mirrored in the CMF. The reaction to Boris’s comments by senior members of the group shows their thinking is anything but moderate and the Tory party should be vigilant about their true intentions.


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