If we lose free speech we lose everything.
Freedom of speech is the most important weapon in the battle we face which is to save Western civilization from totalitarianism, in all its from’s Islamic, fascist communist and “Progressive” or “liberal”
Successive Labor and Tory governments in the UK have attacked freedom of speech and religion under the guise of equality and human rights.The last 20 years have seen a series of prosecutions of people because of what they said and the mindset they held rather than their actions. Most of these prosecutions were against small business owners, who on a number of occasions were ruined by these malicious court cases.
One case in point was a B&B in the south of England who had their life destroyed because they refused to allow two gay men to share a room, the family run business had a policy of only allowing married couples to stay in the same bedroom. The family were dragged through the courts with ruinous legal fees being incurred and subject to vile abuse and harassment by supporters of the gay couple.
The family ended up loosing the case and their business!
Another similar case was that of another B&B owner in Liverpool who became embroiled in a heated debate with a lady who had converted to Islam, the Christian couple who owned the business, strongly disagreed with Islamic theology and explained the traditional Christian view of Islam, they too were dragged through the courts and even though they were acquitted, they lost a large NHS contract and were financially ruined by the case.
We have seem many other cases of Nurses and health care professionals mostly Christians being disciplined or sacked for sharing their faith with atheists or Muslims, we have seen pastors prosecuted for preaching against Islam, we have seen street preachers and evangelists dragged to police stations for reading from the Bible, the list goes on and on.
Another worrying trend is the action of the “progressive led” social media giants in blocking banning and censoring conservative or center right content, we need to be setting up alternative networks to counter this threat. https://freedomnetworx.co.uk/ is one such network that is worth looking into.
This is a slippery slope into totalitarianism, as we rightly identified when we started this movement last year free speech is the most important freedom we have. It must be defended at all costs, the so called progressives, the Islamist’s the far right and the far left all hate free speech,because it puts their feeble belief systems under the microscope of critical thinking and truth.
We as a movement must keep this at the heart of what we are fighting for if we lose free speech we eventually lose every other freedom.  I personally believe the freedom of speech march in May was the most important demonstration we took part in, it is interesting that shortly after that demo two of the movements leaders were sent to prison!
Our forefathers spilled their blood defending these freedoms we must be ready to do the same!

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