2 Replies to “Muslim man warns of ISIS attack on speakers corner”

  1. Europe will be invaded by mass immigration from Africa, Asia and the Middle East forever because of Merkel’s precedent of opening Europe’s borders to everyone…Europe 2100 may well have a small minority of native Europeans left, if the colonists actually allow the so called “evil” white man/woman to survive.Will Europe protect its borders and civilization before it is submerged?” the answer is a simple, succinct NO, NEIN, NYET. NON.

    After all, the European natives would not want to be accused of Islamophobia, now, would they?! Why don’t the Euro-fools ever ask why the “immigrants” are virtually all young men? Very brave of them to leave their elderly and their woman behind.I see nothing wrong in Europe declining population back to the 1950 levels. The problem is uncontrolled immigration of African and Arab/Muslim people, and no action is being taken to stop or reverse this trend. Politicians actually encourage this population replacement, and the Europeans don’t protest in large numbers…..they are responsible for their own decline and ultimate fall.

  2. YET they can do what they want with our bible and demand we except their our superiors and the only religion that will prevale , we have our rights to express our beliefs that these people don’t follow what we practice

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