Geert Wilders plans to hold a draw Muhammad competition have been sunk by threats and pressure from the Muslim world. Pakistani Muslims were about to march on a major city in protest, the PM of Pakistan complained to the UN and the OIC hurried to convene an emergency meeting to discuss what “action” could be taken. A terror suspect was arrested after threatening to kill Wilders.

The mere threat of anyone around the globe drawing a picture of Muhammad brings such hysteria that thousands threaten to invade a major city and the PM of a Muslim country complains to the UN and the Dutch government! Why such a ludicrous reaction ?

Many will think this proves the strength of the Muslim world, that when sweaty black clad bearded men flex their muscles in Afghanistan, people in Amsterdam go weak at the knees. I don’t believe it shows the strength of Islam, I think it show the weakness of the west. When a group is threatened for its artistic expression the response should be a middle finger to the bullies. “To hell with your religious sensibilities! This is the free west!” Sadly that has never been the response to Islamist threats, since the days of Salman Rushdie western nations have bowed to the threats from Islamic states and communities. We are witnessing Sharia law being enforced on the west by the leaders of the west.

The response to threats of violence or hurt feelings should be Kleenex hankies to wipe away the tears of the hyper sensitive Muhammadans, and armed police to kill any Jihadis  that might try to launch a murderous attack on the heroic scribes.

The canceling of the Muhammad cartoons does not show the strength of Islam but its inherent weakness in that it cannot stand any critique or mockery, it also shows the west is loosing this vital battle for free civilization.

Next time the scribblers are threatened by the Islamo mafia our answer to the Muslim world must be publish and be dammed!

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