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On 1st September 2004, Jihadis from Chechnya – both male and female – took over one thousand people hostage in a school in, Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia.
It was the first day back at school and the day where more people would be attending the school due to the “day of knowledge”, which was a day of celebration for students and parents at schools throughout Russia for the first day back of the new term.

Soon after entering the school the Jihadis killed several adults and dragged their bodies leaving a trail of blood.
Some people managed to escape and some managed to hide in the boiler room, but over 1000 children, parents and teachers were held hostage in the new gymnasium.
Later reports said the boys were examined to ascertain if they had reached puberty, they were stripped of their top clothes and had their underpants pulled down, if they had pubic hair they were deemed permissible to kill.

Children being rescued

Many islamic jihad groups have used this tactic, including the Islamic State (ISIS) as it comes direct from the Sunnah of Muhammad.

From the Sahih hadith

It was narrated that ‘Abdul-Mali bin `Umair said:
“I heard ‘Atiyyah Al-Quradhi say: ‘We were presented to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) on the Day of Quraidhah. Those whose pubic hair had grown were killed, and those whose pubic hair had not yet grown were let go. I was one of those whose pubic hair had not yet grown, so I was let go.” (Sahih) (Darussalam)

Other references

Sunan an-Nasa’i 4981
Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1584
Sunan an-Nasa’i 3429

Bombs were planted around the gym, hanging from the ceiling and attached to the basket ball hoops.
The Jihadis had explosive vests on and some bombs were to be detonated by remote control or by a sensor which would be activated if the attacker stepped off a pad, this meant the attacker could not be disabled or killed without the bomb going off.
There were also later reports bombs and weapons were planted in the school by workers doing renovations previous to the attack.

Wired bombs attached to basketball hoops

The Jihadis held the hostages for 52 hours, denying them of food, water and later medicine, they were also told only to speak Russian when they were ordered to.

Reports are mixed of how many Jihadis were involved and its suspected some escaped, many were killed, but it is thought there were at least 32 involved and arrived in two seperate groups.

Other parents who heard about the siege were waiting outside the school, some tried to storm the building, later in the siege others brought guns to try and save their children.
Children were used as human shields and placed in front of windows.
Towards the end of the siege children were so exhausted due to lack of food and drink they were unable to escape in the chaos when the siege came to a head with the Jihadis and the forces outside.

The media and government – headed by Putin – gave mixed and false reports of how many hostages there were, saying there were approximately 350 people.
Putin has come under a lot of criticism for how the siege was handled and has been blamed for how long it went in for and how bad it got. In the first day of the siege it’s reported Putin never made a statement on the horrific attack which was taking place.
Although the army were brought in, and tanks were used towards the end.

The jihad group was called Riyad-us Saliheen and attacked the school to send a message to Putin for his forces to leave Chechnya.
Previous to Beslan they were also responsible for many attacks in Russia, simultaneous Russian aircraft bombings, suicide attacks, including the “Operation Boomerang” which were suicide bombings conducted mainly by women, truck bomb attacks on Federal Security services and the Russian military hospital and another attack on a theatre.
They later disbanded and regrouped and then resumed attacks.

Over 1100 people were taken hostage at Beslan, 777 of them being children.
At least 334 innocent people were murdered, of them, 186 children’s lives snuffed out.
Over 780 adults and children were injured.

Many people have forgotten about this, and some were never told, as they were too young at the time of the massacre.
I cannot go into the the full brutality of the attack, but if you had either forgotten or never heard of it, please look into it.

Two days ago was the anniversary of the start of the siege and its disappointing to see it pass without even a murmur in the western mainstream media.


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  1. I am from England and can remember this tragic incident vividly. I was horrified at the brutality of these people towards children. Children in particular are innocent and the perpetrators are cowards. I personally felt this action as inhumane, I greaved for all the parents in particular that were left without their young loved ones. Both our Contries must stand together firmly against these barbarians.

  2. These scum usually will choose women and children because they will not usually fight back, they are considered “soft” targets by these murdering, butchers.

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