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“May peace be upon you, friends. One thing I want to make it clear to you and the blasphemer in Holland that if anyone tried to blaspheme against our prophet, I swear by the God of Kaaba, the way we make small pieces of the meat of cows, camels and goats on Eid ul Adha (Islamic festival), I swear by God, we will cut that blasphemer into small pieces like that; because we’re the slaves of Muhammad and Muhammad’s slaves are not afraid of death. Our heads remain on our bodies or not, we don’t care. Mind that, if anyone tried to publish sketches of the prophet in Holland, we swear by god that we will bring apocalypse in Holland. We’re present to answer your call, oh messenger of Allah. My heart is for Mustafa (Muhammad), my life is for Mustafa (Muhammad), I live and die for him (Muhammad). Whoever is on Mustafa’s side, is ours and whoever isn’t on his side, is not ours. [background chants of Takbeer i.e., Allah is the greatest]. If you’re loyal to Muhammad, we’re all your subjects and not just us and this world, but also the pen and paper (used to write eternal fate) is yours too. We’re present to answer your call, oh messenger of Allah.”

I suppose if a person did not know the punishment this “crime in islam” carries, they could think, he’s just:

  • Letting off steam?
  • Let his temper get the better of him?
  • Maybe an extremist?
  • That’s not Islam?

On 31st August, two American tourists were stabbed in Amsterdam, the injuries were not fatal, but a deadly message sent to those who insult islam, as seen below.

Prosecutors allege he carried out an attack because of what he said were repeated insults to Allah, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed. Prosecutors said in a statement: He named Wilders, but did not say anything about the cartoon competition. The 19-year-old Afghan, identified only as Jawed S, lives in Germany but allegedly travelled to the Netherlands and carried out the attack on Friday.”

Just like the Charlie Hebdo attackers travelled to Paris to carry out slaughter to avenge their prophet, who they felt had been insulted by cartoons.

Just as dutch born Theo Van Gogh was gunned down in the street in 2004 for directing a film critical of Islam, with scriptures from the Qur’an. The narrator and writer of the film was Aayan Al Hirsi, it was called “Submission”.

Theo, the great grand nephew of Vincent Van Gogh, was shot by Mohammed Bouyeri many times from afar to dismount him from his bicycle, he was then shot again at point blank range, his neck was slit with a knife, and an attempted beheading. A witness said he was “cut like a tire”.

A note was pinned to his chest with the knife, it was a warning to silence Ayaan Al Hirsi.

Ayaan, a Somalia born refugee to the Netherlands was a politician for the same party Geert Wilders leads, People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie, VVD). She is now a critic of Islam and an author.

You will only ever find part one of the film “Submission” on YouTube, the film was never finished due to the director – Theo – being murdered.

Shortly after the murder, Ayaan Al Hirsi was given protection in Netherlands, but eventually forced out of the country.

Pim Fortuyn – another politician critical of Islam and of the VVD in the 90’s – was murdered by a left wing activist in the year of 2002.

The left wing activist :

“Argued that Dutch Muslims had become “scapegoats” for Fortuyn and alleged that he had exploited “the weak parts of society to score points”.

Geert Wilders, who was holding this years Muhammad cartoon competition, already has round the clock security and wears a bullet proof vest for many years, all due to his criticism of Islam.

The last winner of the draw a Muhammad contest – Bosch Fawstin – which Pamela Gellar held in Texas, receives thousands of death threats, and leading up to the recent competition which has been cancelled – in which he was a judge – he was receiving thousands of death threats a day. That is evident to anyone who follows him.

Let’s not forget two terrorists approached the event that day were wearing body armour, had rifles and handguns and were shot dead by police, and in islamic belief those men were granted their martyrdom.

So, was it just letting off steam, let his temper get the better of him, an extremist, or not really islam?

Given what I’ve written, maybe the British government could explain why English secular schools are advising children not to draw Muhammad, or in fact any figurative image related to Islam?

The reason given, is that figurative images are forbidden in Islam, as they are offensive.

The root word of Islam derives from S-L-M, Al-slim, which in context, means – submission.

Theo Van Gogh’s last words were devastatingly of submission, a descendent of one of the most influencial figures in the history of Western art- as he was being slaughtered in the name of Islam, were:

“We can still talk about it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it.”

© Islamic Blueprint-JA Statham 2018



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