Halal food markets, Islamic dress markets, Shariah-Compliant finance and banking,
Islamic education, Shariah courts, etc.1 are all part and parcel of a unified many-faceted
socio-political-religious process deployed to transform the existing society from a
civil/liberal/secular/pluralistic society into an Islamic society. The envisioned Islamic
society would be a society whereby Islam is supreme over all other worldviews, both
secular and religious, and whereby the civil/liberal/secular law is subservient to Islamic
In general, the Islamic Shariah as interpreted and implemented by the Muslim
community has been claimed to have all the policy elements and methods (legal,
political, religious, etc.) to carry out the Islamisation of any society. So in essence, Islam
has both the “will” and the “way” to carry out the mandates of universality contained in
the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah as claimed by the Islamic Ideologues.
It is increasingly well known that according to Islam, the Shariah is a “divinely
mandated” system of regulations, doctrines, and directives governing all aspects of a
Muslim’s life, individually and corporately. Furthermore, these directives are also
imposed on non-Muslims in all spheres of life within the context of Muslim rule,
severely curtailing all non-Islamic religious worship at the root, with formidable and
onerous restrictions. In so doing, it meticulously regulates all aspects of religious
practices, beliefs, religious obligations, education, legal systems, economy, freedom of
speech, and much more.
This is not a secret, but is a clear and well-publicized mandate presently being
articulated and enforced by Islamic authorities. Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid,
an acknowledged Islamic scholar, writes: “Allah has commanded us to refer matters to
his judgment and to establish Shariah, and he has forbidden us to rule with anything
Islam is clear about the goals of the Shariah (so-called Maqasid Al-Shariah). These goals
simply put are unabashedly intended to transform a non-Muslim society or community
into an Islamic-compliant society or community.

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