This weekend the powerful UKIP NEC will meet and discuss if a motion allowing Tommy Robinson to the join the party will be debated at conference, sources close to Tommy say that if he is allowed to join he will use his platform to energize the party and bring a whole new dynamic to the party. Tommy made the following statement on social media.

“This week all I’ve been able to hear is this massive debate on whether I should be allowed in to UKIP or not, and now the party’s National Executive Committee are going to take a vote on whether to do the democratic thing and let the members choose if they want to let me in. I love UKIP and I would vote for Gerard Batten who I’ve interviewed for this channel before. He is the only strong voice on Islam in UK politics right now and I’d love to help anyone else who wants to tackle the same problems I talk about – but the question is, will UKIP do the democratic thing?”

Richard Inman a member of UKIP and one of the leaders of veterans against terrorism said. “Tommy is basically offering to use his current massive profile not for selfish gain but to help UKIP take its place in saving the UK from disaster. The movement that sprung up in the wake of terror attacks last year, the betrayal of Brexit and the unlawful imprisonment of Tommy needs a political home, many of us have already joined UKIP, if Tommy is brought into the fold this will undoubtedly open the flood gates and bring many thousands of members into the party.”

The NEC of UKIP is the most powerful decision making body within UKIP according to their website.

“The 12 members of the NEC function as principal management and administrative authority of the Party,
The duties, powers and responsibilities of the NEC shall include. Ensuring that the Party works towards the achievement of the objectives in an efficient and judicious manner. Managing the Party’s funds, structure and employees. Advising the Party Leader on political matters, approving the Party’s policies and manifestos. Ensuring that the Constitution of the Party is in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Managing and conducting the Party’s disciplinary procedures,making or amending from time to time such Rules of Procedure as it deems appropriate for the efficient conduct and administration of the Party and for the discharge of its responsibilities for the efficient running of the Party and the attainment of its objectives.”

The NEC has the power to bring forward a motion that will bring Tommy into the fold it must make the right choice for the sake of the party and allow this motion to be debated at conference, this could be a make or break weekend for UKIP.

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