For over a year, thousands of football fans have been taking to the streets to protest against the rise of extremism in the UK, they have been joined by veterans and other groups concerned about terrorism, racist rape gangs and an increasingly supremacist religious ideology that is radicalizing a generation of young British Muslims.

2017 saw a concerted terror campaign in the UK directed predominantly against women and children, Islamic Jihadist terror gangs and lone wolves targeted the innocent in London and Manchester.

These dreadful attacks sparked the protest movement that now has thousands of  members in every part of the country, the movement is made up primarily of men and women who have not been involved party politics before, they are totally disenchanted with the “liberal elite” of the mainstream media and political class who treat them and their families with contempt.

In January of this year after a period of flux within the movement the DFLA was born, the DFLA is made up of football fans from clubs throughout the UK it has a democratic structure and a political diversity that makes it unique in terms of modern protest movements. It is very difficult to pigeon hole the DFLA and veterans as they are both passionate about protecting the UK but they also have a great sense of social justice and want to see their communities and country prospering as well as peaceful.

The DFLA has formed an alliance with the group Veterans against terrorism, another protest group that also formed in response to the terror attacks of 2017, both groups share the same goal of a peaceful and prosperous sovereign UK.  They work together and regularly attend each others demos.

Since its inception the DFLA has been slandered by extreme left wing and Islamic supremacist support groups, who have accused the organisation of being racist and far right.

The most vocal of these groups is the discredited Stand up to racism organisation, that recently and shamefully  called Northern Ireland veterans racist scum, while the vets protested on behalf of military pensioners who are being targeted by ambulance chasing lawyers and over paid ex police officers.

SUTR (stand up to racism) regularly protest against the football lads and has attacked the groups since they formed in January, the unsubstantiated allegations of racism and fascism are ironic coming from the far left labor party supported group, considering the fact that their backers are currently embroiled in a row about antisemitism.

A spokesman for the veterans told UKFM news “The accusations against the DFLA are ludicrous our mission statement is clear we are opposed to all racism and antisemitism, we would have nothing to do with any group that was racist, the DFLA are patriots who love their families and their country, they support the veterans fully and we support them. I believe SUTR are a bigoted hate filled group that protest against counter terror activists and volunteers who are working with the victims of sexual abuse, in my opinion they are a disgrace!”

The spokesman went onto say “If you protest against people who are against terror and against the rape of our children, you must support both rape and terror, this is total moral bankruptcy!”

The latest attack on the DFLA has been launched in the run up to a demonstration to be held at the weekend in Sunderland, the demo on the 15th of September is in response to an epidemic of rape and sexual assaults on women, local women have been protesting for the last year and the DFLA want to show their support for the women.

The far left are mobilizing again and peddling their lies as the poster below shows.

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A spokesman for the DFLA shared his thoughts about yet another attempt to smear the group.

“Recently a poster was brought to my attention for the counter protest to the DFLA support for women and children march against a series of rapes that have taken place in Sunderland

What escapes the attention of many, is the reasoning behind the lefts counter protests, its Blatant racist assumptions and culturally prejudiced bias that has me asking are the left nothing more than a modern day Don Quixote? Riding forth tilting at windmills and trying to battle enemies that just do not exist? (apart from in their heads?)

So why are the lefts counter protests racist in nature?

Well think about it: in all the rape cases that we have protested about 84% of the men have been muslims, followers of Islam (This does not mean all Muslims are rapists by the way) but it is a fact. The other 16% have been white. As I said before, the 16% were not just white, but they had councillors and police included among their number.

So where is the race issue? Answer, there is none. As the figures above show both Muslims and white people have been involved. (Muslims are not a race) The only way the left could accuse us of being racist would be if they themselves think all the rapists are “Asian” Something the DFLA have never done. A quick glance at our page will show that we have reported all colours of rapists and all without fail have had it suggested they should face the death penalty. Asians are a race, Muslims are not. So in no way can this be classed as a race issue.

So to recap: To believe we are racist the left must firmly believe that only Asian men are raping white girls. An abhorrent racist belief that does not stand up to factual evidence.

Another factor that we have to take into account are the victims themselves. “Girls who have been abused should keep their mouths shut for the sake of cultural diversity” retweeted Naz Shah. I wonder if she would have the same viewpoint if she became a victim of rape? ( I pray to G-D this never happens) but would she be sympathetic? She seemed to make a huge song and dance of her own problems enough, surely she can keep her mouth shut for the sake of reality?

But as the Queen of the left Naz cynically advises the victims let us look at the victims:

Recent reports show that the victims were 61% white, 3% Asian and 1% black. Rather remarkably for left wing councils 35% did not have their ethnicity recorded. Bit puzzling that, but let’s continue. So once again we can see there is no race issue for being a victim of these vile creatures. All races have been abused, all races have been raped.

So where is the race issue? There is none.

The DFLA demand full respect, courtesy, support and justice for all victims.

The only way this could make the DFLA racist is that if all the victims were white. But they are not. We have a mix of races that have been raped. So again there is no race issue.

The issue exists in the mind of the left who only think that white girls can be victims of rape, or do they have the nauseating view that black and Asian girls when raped are not worth consideration or justice?

It must be the last option because the plight of these black and Asian girls is negligible to the left, not even worth thinking about because if they did, they would see there is no race issue.

Now I know 1% does not sound much, but estimates of those raped and abused is 1 million. 1% of a million is 10000.

We include those 10000 black girls in our fight for Justice and who we protest for.

Racist are we?

So why have the left suddenly changed tact and started to care about the victims?

Answer they have not!

Their racist assumptions have been everywhere:

Terrorist attacks: The DFLA have protested against the IRA and Isis and against knife crime.

Again, the left assume in their racist way that only Muslims commit acts of terror and that only white people are the victims of these atrocities. (As Muslims are not a race we have to again scratch our heads at claims of racism)

At every demo they say nothing about the victims, they care nothing about the victims, indeed the victims are lucky if they get a passing comment instead they shout “racism must not divide us! “ oblivious to the fact that the demos are a reaction to rape, to murder, to injustice.

The left seem to think that I could rape a woman and this will not cause division, I could kill people, that won’t cause division. But if I say a racist comment its civil war, I am evil and its armageddon time!

Where is the rational in that thinking? What point of that forms a coherent sense of logic? It doesn’t, just like Don Quitoxe the windmills are dragons, and are to be battled.

So once again with Sunderland, with the series of rapes, have all men been described as any one race? No, they have not.

Have only women been attacked?

No they have not.

So where is the racism?

There is none.

The left are ironically saying “Do not let racism divide us! “ Yet they will, because of their racist understanding attack us, those supporting and demanding justice for the victims in Sunderland.

If you call us racist, then what does that make the people of Sunderland and the rape victims?

By attacking us, you attack them. In doing so you trivialise rape, you mock the horrific acts being meted out by these animals.

You stand by and allow sex, the ultimate act of sharing and love to become the ultimate act of taking and violence.


We need to support the victims, we need to get behind them. We need local authorities to do more, to be more proactive, we need government to do more to invest in police!

That is why we go to Sunderland.

Turning around and saying that we only protest against rape because we are racist is not the truth or justice we are after for all victims.”

If you are interested in finding out what the DFLA and Veterans are about why not go along to the demonstration on Saturday in Sunderland find details below.


2 Replies to “Football fans stand up to the real fascists of the regressive left”

  1. Every time SUTR are asked why they are counter protesting they don’t really have any answers its like they have been paid to be there. They see Nazi stormtroopers behind every lamppost they practice Marshall arts moves in their bedrooms inspired by Jackie Chan movies, acting out scenarios where they are surrounded by enemies of their class war. Ignoring the fact that the DFLA are mainly working class and the majority would have been former labour voters before the party left us behind for a new Marxist agenda where every enemy of the UK is to be celebrated and the doors of the country should be opened to the world. Members of the DFLA come from all parts of the community the leadership have Black members amongst their number are they to be considered rasta far right. The Labour party of which Dianne Abbot is in a senior position is a member of SUTR or at least she was last year but maybe she has changed her hair style since then and it does not count has been embroiled in accusations of anti Semitism all summer with plenty of evidence to say its is institutionally anti Jewish to its core. We see Labour and Conservative as two cheeks of the same arse. Constantly letting us down and not listening to us that is our aim to hold the people whose responsibility is to keep us safe from terrorism, extremist Ideologies rape grooming gangs gang warfare being played out on our streets to account. Populist is not a bad thing its just popular in other words DEMOCRATIC. They do not know better they work for us for TWAS.

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