There is much speculation about the influx of migrants we see coming from the Middle East in recent years, and now more frequently, from Africa.
Are they are genuine refugees, or is it part of a planned invasion of Europe?

There are different viewpoints about this.

Theory one
They are refugees in need of safety and security of the West, due to destabilisation by enemy forces or oppressive dictators in homelands.The enemy are said to be Western powers or groups such as “The Islamic State”, or “Boko Haram”, who pledged allegiance to The Islamic State.

Theory two
It is a planned invasion of the West and the migrants are coming to make political and societal changes of a secular democratic region, driven by religious or ideological belief to implement Shari’ah in the West.
The most logical way to settle this argument, would be to answer the question using the belief system of the people in question, the Islamic doctrine.

I discuss and evidence that here at ISLAMIC BLUEPRINT-JA STATHAM

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