I’d been on many an away day but today was different, no football match involved, the same travelling but to a march which had grabbed my attention via my following of yes you’ve guessed it Tommy Robinson, now i’m trying not to make this all about Tommy as for me yes he has been a massive influence but his story is easily available, i’d like to write a little about my experience and how i have become basically an activist of sorts, how much of one you decide, all i know is i’m doing what in my mind is right, i’m  not an author etc so take it easy with me if this goes belly up. Its all from the heart, the only way i know. From those Pegida days which basically were my first active one’s, yes i’d followed events etc on social media but this grabbed me, there were people from all walks of life, from a little Greek shop owner who could take no more due to Islamic pressure re her business then to a bowler hatted suit wearing gent who to me looked very upper class. Maybe 200 odd marched that day, i chatted with Tommy and pledged i’d be back for more and i did, next Birmingham again then Rotherham, that for me was probably the one where it sank in the most that we had major problems, even more serious than i could ever have imagined. Well as time moved on and i read more, became friends with so many in the movement i found i was now very committed, even openly telling my parents of my involvement which at first to their horror of course, our Son hanging with Nazi’s. Thankfully they finally saw the light and now support me, albeit still with alot of worry i think. Maybe with good reason but with what i’m seeing now so many more people getting involved it proves i wasn’t far off track years back. There’s been some great events, numbers that could only have been dreamed of back in the Pegida days, maybe as Tommy had said that first day we had sown the seed, who truly knows but it certainly influenced me to carry on that’s for sure.

Sticking with the movement has taken me on many journeys, i’ve marched with Gurkhas, veterans, ex Police the list goes on, im just trying to get across the variation of people that join us, long way from the image most people have of us. Now i don’t want to waffle on and try to make this longer than it should be so to end it i’m going to mention the family’s of the 3 Boys, Josh, George and Harry. Now as i’ve said i’ve been on many marches but i’ll tell you now i’ve never had my heart truly grabbed and shaken like it has when i’ve walked and chatted with these amazing people, how on earth they find the strength to do what they do is incredible, always so humble, always so approachable, yes its a massive loss but having to fight for justice like this proves there’s something so horribly wrong in this country its untrue. I’m not scared to admit i’ve sobbed my heart out over this, i never had the pleasure to meet the lads of course but by god if they had one ounce of the decency that their parents have then without a doubt they would have grown into fine men. Only a few weeks ago i joined them along with some loyal supporters to march through Hayes to the boys memorial, i can honestly say that was emotion such as j’ve never felt in the movement before, i walked away that day wondering why there was not thousands out in support, all i can hope for is like Tommy said years back that we have sown the seed for this movement to grow, a movement for those 3 lads and their family’s along with others who need help to get justice and finally some sort of peace. See there was a beginning…..but there’s to much to fight for to see an end any time soon.

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