Today outside the Old Bailey a man who told the truth appeared before a single judge, the man Tommy Robinson fully expected to go to prison, his “crime” telling the truth, he may still be locked up.

But for now, Tommy is a free man with the broken sword of British justice hanging over his neck. Outside the court a large crowd of supporters cheered and celebrated that the greatest British freedom fighter of the 20th Century was free, but Tommy is only free until the middle of October when he will be faced with the ordeal of facing a prison sentence for what he thinks and says rather than what he does.


Outside the court there were all the usual flags, UKIP, For Brittan, Union Flags and free Tommy posters galore, one poster that caught my eye took me back to another century, it was the front cover from the Sex Pistols debut album, “Never mind the Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols” the comparison was obvious the man with the poster was saying our movement is the new punk rock.

We are to a great extent the new “Punks” we are hated by the media and the political elite, we are seen as bigoted scum that are an embarrassment to the “nation.” Think about the way Tommy has smashed into the media broken all the rules and come out the other side looking the better man.

In 1976 the creepy lecherous little talk show host Bill Grundy interviewed the Sex Pistols, the interview went down in infamy as the Bromley band and Siouxsie Soux verbally savaged the drunk TV star who was propositioning Siouxsie. They were slandered in the media harassed by the police and allegedly watched by the security services, this is a familiar tale for anti-establishment groups and movements. Since the late 2000s our Rebel with a cause Tommy Robinson has been harassed bullied and demonized in the media and imprisoned by the state for what he believes in. Next in line for the establishment stitch up are UKIP and the DFLA over the last 10 days UKIP and the DFLA have been in the sniper scope of the establishment.

The latest attack was launched by Sky TV, and continued by the disgraceful patronising tubby posh shock jock Nick Ferrari, he sums up the vile ignorance and hatred of the British ruling class, towards the British working class. Last Monday Ferrari spent an hour castigating members of the DFLA accusing them of racism and Islamophobia (whatever that is). It was obvious from his questioning and tone that he knew nothing about the organisation, his under worked and over educated researchers had not doubt visited SUTR and hope not hates websites to find the “truth” about the movement and agreed with the liberal orthodox view that any working-class movement that is patriotic and concerned about Islamic extremism must be racist. This is not only a gross misrepresentation of the entire movement but it is also an extremely dangerous one. The VAT DFLA and UKIP members hold a wide range of political views on many issues to brand veterans and hard working men and women as Nazis and racist is the very stereo typing nasty Nick claims to stand against, it is dangerous because it makes all members of our movement targets of the far left and Islamists, it could drive some of our people into the arms of real fascists, even though I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who are real Nazis that I have met in the last 50 years!

The attack on the Sex Pistols was on the grounds of them breaking the orthodox “rules” on public decency, the “foul” language and the rebellious nature of the Pistols was too much for the hypocritical and paedophiliac elite of the 70s to cope with. The attack on the DFLA, VAT, UKIP and Tommy is on the grounds of us not being afraid of attacking the new liberal orthodoxy, the new orthodoxy won’t look deep into the dark corners of our multicultural society, it won’t ask why almost 90% of rape gangs in the UK are made up of Muslim men. It won’t dig deep into the theological justification for terror, it won’t ask the hard questions about Arab funding of terror and extremism, and it will not tolerate any critique of the theology and practice of Islam or critique of its founder Muhammad. The new liberal orthodoxy does not like the fact that our movement is dedicated to getting justice for the victims of IRA violence and caring for and protecting veterans from state persecution. The new liberal orthodoxy hates the fact that we love our country and our people with a passion that consumes us and drives us on.

So how do we counter the demonization of our movement by the left and the liberal elite? Simple we ignore it and keep doing what we are doing, we put boots on the ground and votes in the ballot box. We can win this battle with boots and the ballot box, we march on as veterans football lads and patriots knowing our calling is for freedom, justice and peace for our children.

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