Speakers corner is fast becoming the epicentre of the culture wars being fought in the UK.

If people want to see Islamic bullying in all its forms and the erosion of free speech then Hyde park on a Sunday afternoon is the place to go, since the late 90s Islamic extremists have been congregating there to spew their poisonous ideology and shout down any who offer a differing view, Christians, Jews, atheists, Sikhs, and ex Muslims have all crossed swords with the Islamic supremacists.

The great American Christian apologist Jay Smith spent almost every Sunday at speakers’ corner for 20 years, some years ago he told how some of the Muslims he debated openly said “Jay when the Sharia comes you will be the first one we will kill!”

Jay has now moved back to America, he was threatened with murder by the Jihadists on more than one occasion. His experience is not unusual, there is a video made at the end of August where an Islamic Supremacist threatens a Muslim police officer with an ISIS attack on the park.

More recently a young vulnerable lad that is a regular at speakers’ corner was assaulted by a Muslim thug, the same weekend women were pushed and shoved and masked Muslim men ganged up on any that opposed their Islamic supremacist views.

These thugs and bullies know just how far to go to intimidate and yet avoid being arrested, the menace that I have seen after watching hours of footage is menacing towards any that oppose the “religion of peace” is truly chilling and must be opposed by the police or local citizens, bullies must never be allowed to win!

The man seen assaulting the young lad in speakers corner was not arrested and appeared to just walk unhindered out of the Park.




3 Replies to “Speakers corner is becoming Sharia corner lovers of freedom must act!”

  1. I can see civil war is not far away, these vermin are being protected by the police every Sunday and more ? why are we always being escorted from the park ? it’s a bloody disgrace ? we need to come together, and stand up to these vile bullies ? thank god, we have people like Tommy Robinson, and no I’m not a racist ?

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