“Here are four of the football hooligan Far Right extremist Democratic Football Lads Alliance calling cards desecrating the London war memorial I Tweeted about earlier this week.
Nazi salutes were given on the mob’s last rampage.
They’ve no shame”
Veterans against terrorism response to Kevin Maguire
These comments by Kevin Maguire are not just despicable and slanderous but betray a deep hatred of the people he claims are his own community.
The DFLA are a group of working-class men and women from all parts of the UK and all ethnic and religious backgrounds, the vast majority of the lads and lasses were not politically engaged before the terror attacks of last spring and summer. They are hard grafting men and women who were enraged and at the same energized by the events of last year, they very soon realized that the establishment, the media and their political leaders do not have their best interests at heart.
This overpaid hacks comments about the DFLA reinforce the fact that Champagne socialists like Kevin, he is rumoured to be earning £230000 a year for his column at the daily mirror, detest the communities they came from.

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This uninformed and bigoted tweet by the eye rolling ITV commentator is a not just a rant of a man ignorant of the wide range political views in the DFLA, but it is dangerous as it demonizes a movement that must be listened to as it is far more representative of the British working class than “professor class war”

We at veterans against terrorism have worked closely with the DFLA for the past year, we know the leadership and membership they are passionate about saving their country from the excesses of the politically correct and self-serving and arrogant elites, religious fascists and communist ideologs. The DFLA are men and women of high integrity and honesty driven not by race hate but love for family club and country.
Many of the DFLA are also veterans and those that aren’t have family members children, parents and grandparents who are. The insult to the wreath laying by Maguire is an insult to the entire British working class, by a man who is contemptuous of British sovereignty and . Maguire also works for a paper that manufactured a story about Army brutality in Iraq that almost certainly cost British lives. “They’ve no shame” the Mirror certainly have no shame!
The alleged Nazi salute was one photo taken of a man with his arm in the air, we cannot be sure, but the man appears to be waving rather than idolizing a dead German dictator.
Of course, what commie Kev fails to mention is the fact that some of his comrades called by the memorial and did some of their own desecration after dark, probably wearing their masks and black hoodies. This vile trash smashed the wreaths laid by the DFLA on Saturday night. Of course, in Kevin’s world the hooded men are doing the country a favour, I am glad I don’t live in Kev’s world!

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  1. maguire what do we expect from this pieceof left wing shite talks shite and writes shite never beleive what he and the mirror print

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