On the morning of Friday October 19th hate preacher Anjem Choudary was released from Belmarsh prison.

Choudary, 51 from Ilford East London, was jailed for five and a half years in 2016 after being caught inviting and proclaiming support for the Islamic Terror Group Isis. Due to sentencing legislation he has been released early having served less than half his sentence. He will now spend the remainder of his sentence within the community.

Choudary had been a common public figure on the streets of Britain before his incarceration. A supporter of implanting Sharia Law in Britain he was often seen preaching hate on our streets and has been linked to a number of terror attacks. He headed the now banned al-Muhajiroun network and his been accused of radicalising Muslims within the network. These included Kamal Bourgass who, in 2002 planned a Ricin attack on the streets of Britain. The 7/7 bombers, and Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who brutally murdered Lee Rigby, were also connected to al-Muhajiroun.

Though Anjem has been released he will spend the next 6 months in Camden House Probation Hostel and will have strict conditions placed upon him. Conditions that will see him return to jail if he breaks. He has already had his financial assets frozen and been placed on the Global Record of Known Terrorists overseen by the United Nations Security Council.

Additionally, he has had 25 conditions imposed on him that include:
• A ban on preaching at certain mosques
• Approved associations only
• A ban on contacting persons under the age of 18
• Only one mobile phone
• Cannot use the internet without permission and must be supervised
• Cannot leave the U.K. without permission

It has also been revealed that Mr Choudary and his lawyer are appealing against, what they refer to as, Draconian Restrictions on the grounds of infringing on his human rights. If such an appeal does go ahead it will be yet another abuse of human rights laws that the U.K. tax pay will no doubt foot the bill for.

While Anjem Choudary was released this week, Tommy Robinson is back in court on October 23rd relating to an alleged Contempt of Court. For anyone unfamiliar with Tommy’s case he was arrested for breach of the peace of May 25th outside Leeds Crown Court. He was then sent straight to jail for breaching his bail conditions for allegedly influencing the case of the suspected Muslim Rape Gang that was appearing at the court. What the MSM and CPS failed to mention was that Tommy was not in contact with the Jury inside court. They had no access to his live feed and everything that he reported on in his live feed was already in the public domain, having been previously reported by other media outlets. It would appear charges brought against Tommy Robinson are politically motivated.

So we now face the prospect in the U.K. of seeing a Journalist who exposed Muslim Rape Gangs being sent to prison in the same week that a known Terror Supporter and Hate Preacher, who remains a profound risk to the public, is released back on our streets. Choudary has reportedly only hardened his extremist views in prison, while Michael Kenny, of the University of Pittsburgh, believes his followers may even try to rebuild Choudary’s former al-Muhajiroun network. What is certain is that Anjem Choudary remains an extreme risk to the British public and serious questions must be asked of the British Government and their ability to protect the public from the ever-present threat of Terrorism.

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