Richard Inman of Veterans against terrorism, talks about how the partnership with UKIP and the DFLA came about and why he became involved in VAT and why it is more important than ever that we foster unity in the movement, this simple phrase sums it all up, many groups one Party one cause! 


“After serving and then living in Northern Ireland for 30 years. I had seen the country transformed from an urban battlefield to a peaceful and prosperous part of the UK. I was devastated to see Islamic terrorists murdering men women and children on the streets of England in the spring of 2017. I realized that something had to be done. In June I stumbled upon  the group veterans against terrorism, founded by Dan Mcdevitt, it became obvious that I could help them in their aims,   so I joined the VAT, wrote their mission statement for them, built their website and encouraged the lads to embark on a political strategy.

After witnessing years of conflict in Northern Ireland that resulted from political marginalization on both sides. I realized our movement needed a political voice to avoid it being hijacked by the extremists that are always skulking in dark corners of our society.

With the help of Mike Howell and David Mooreland I made contact with the leadership of UKIP at the highest level, we explored other political avenues as well but UKIP seemed to be the best fit for VAT.


I was in talks with Gerard Batten the current leader from the beginning of Oct 2017 and met him after the VAT Edinburgh march in Nov. I also encouraged the then leader of the FLA John Meighan to meet with him as well, we both met GB for lunch in Birmingham (which Gerard paid for incidentally)

Gerard immediately saw the potential in our groups and I realized Gerard was an honest straight-talking politician that shared my concerns about the Islamization of the country. I knew if the veterans joined with UKIP both parties would benefit.

The veterans held a strategy meeting where the issue of partnering with UKIP was discussed and they agreed to this course of action unanimously. 

At the time Henry Bolton had just become leader and Gerard managed to persuade him to meet with us, Henry was happy for the link up to take place and we all met in January 2018 in central London.

After the meeting a scandal surrounding Henry led to him being deposed as leader and Gerard was made interim leader, Gerard was already close to VAT after months of talks, so we providentially had the ear of the leader of the UKs forth biggest party!

The leadership of VAT also had the great privilege of meeting with Lord Pearson on a number of occasions, Lord Pearson is a bold and courageous Peer who is the only person in Westminster to speak critically about some of the doctrines and practices of Islam.

We then manged to persuade the newly formed DFLA and UKIP to meet, this meeting took place in the house of Lords in the Spring of 2018 and founder members and leaders of both VAT and DFLA  were present at this meeting along with senior leaders and UKIP advisors we all shared very real concerns about the Islamization of the UK, Brexit and immigration.

Gerard was assured by both the DFLA and VAT that we were not racist or far right and that our concern was for our country’s and children’s future.  We were reassured by the fact that a mainstream political party had taken the time and effort to build a friendship with and listen to working class people who felt let down by the other main political parties.

As a result of this meeting the DFLA also decided to partner with UKIP and encourage their members to join the party.

Gerard spoke at several veterans and DFLA events during the spring and summer and also at the UK freedom march in London on the 23rd of June.

Under Gerard we see UKIP as our party a party of the real people of the UK, a popular peoples party that will look after our interests, and fight for the rights of the forgotten men and women of the UK.

That said I see one missing piece of the jigsaw, that piece of the jigsaw is Tommy Robinson a fearless folk hero, who has been compared to Robin Hood and Nelson Mandela by Gerard.

Tommy is hugely popular among the British working class his fearless stand against Islamic rape gangs and Islamic supremacists has made him a national treasure, his recent illegal imprisonment has added to his profile, if Tommy joined UKIP the party would become a formidable force to be reckoned with that could take on Labour in its mill town strongholds in the North of England. If there is a vote on Tommy’s membership UKIP members must welcome Tommy into the fold.


The veterans, football lads and UKIP have the power to change the UK for the better, we must stand together and fight politically for our children’s and grandchildren ‘s future, we must get our many groups to fight for one cause and support one party!

5 Replies to “Why I support VAT, UKIP, Tommy and the DFLA”

  1. Get back our country get scum and evil out from every nook and crany of this country bring back the death penalty for evil scum

  2. What people dont understand is that the Muslim Religion is acting as Hitler did with Sleepers
    by having activists in the commmunity waiting for the cammand to destroy what we love in the
    Western community.They used to be lovely people but have now become a world hate race.
    The World has more important challenges than Islam

  3. You’re very charismatic and intelligent Mr Inman – and brave of course – but you have spectacularly bad judgement.

    As I see it, VAT has gone along with your spectacularly bad judgement because your talents make you such an asset, which means your talents are squandered and so is the potential of VAT.

    Dan McDevitt founded VAT on a really good principle as befits ex-servicemen of the Crown: Party neutrality in defence of British democracy against terrorism and extremism.

    You’ve made VAT an adjunct of UKIP and ruined VAT’s potential to act as an honest democratic broker in getting the other constitutional parties to get real about Islamisation and – might I add – Labour’s
    extremism under Corbyn.

    The political centre is very sparsely populated because it is nearly all held hostage on the far left, adopting far left positions to avoid being called nasty names by the far left.

    As I see it two things are needed if Britain is to stand any chance of avoiding civil war:-

    – A vetted, disciplined ‘Counter-Jihad Defence Force’ ready to augment state forces in time of civil unrest and carry out a CST type role to help protect Britain from the enemy, while our response to jihad is governed by a quisling mindset.

    – A ‘Democratic Alliance’ of the few holdouts left in the centre to bring about a democratic revival to destroy political correctness and defeat jihad.

    Colonel Richard Kemp would be ideal to bring about the former and Melanie Phillips the latter.

    If VAT got back to its founding principles it would be great at facilitating both.

    1. appreciate your comments as ever Graeme, time will tell if our strategy is the correct one, the political direction followed by VAT was agreed by all leaders and Admins

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