Many on the Remain side have stated that we should have voted for the ‘Status Quo’ rather than striking out ‘in to the unknown’ by voting to leave the EU.

But how many really know what is going on in the parts of Europe that are members of the EU and is it really a ‘safer’ option ?

This is an account of a Europe that we don’t hear about in the mainstream media (From somebody who is living it at present) sent to me by a trusted friend –


Earlier today I asked the question “Would you vote Remain or Leave now you know more about the EU?”  and a friend of mine,  Eddy Lonergan, posted this comment …. I’ve typed it out word for word as I believe that everybody needs to know what’s really happening in Europe from somebody who has lived in Holland for almost the past 4 decades,


Eddy Lonergan’s own words … not mine

“I wish the Brits would take the time to see whats going on here .. I’m from Liverpool living in Holland getting on 40 years now. …. It is just as bad, in some ways worse than in the UK. For example, Health Insurance is compulsory whether working or unemployed. My wife and I pay 250 euros per month and that is basic, no dentals, physios or extras. 2 major hospitals have shut down – there are no beds – the A&E is the same as the UK, families are asked to look after their parents because of shortages in Care.

The immigration problem is a laughing stock, food banks are not coping, people in work are not making ends meet and are relying on food banks. …. Belgium, Germany and France have the same problems. Angela Merkel is stepping down as Prime Minister (Chancellor) but has forgot to tell everyone she has a secure high position in Brussels. …. Why would you want to be a member of a gang of pocket-filling thieves who do not care about their people? … As for Juncker … don’t get me started ….

The EU countries are crumbling and no f*cker gives a”dangle-doo-dandy”, so GET OUT while you can and maybe others will follow suit”. …. They are scaring and flexing their muscles and hoping that it will turn around, because the membership fee the UK puts in every year will have to be put up by the remaining countries. …. Holland will have to double their fee we’ve been told. … What other countries can afford this?

Spain, Greece, Italy all bankrupt, so you see the EU does not want to lose the UK and will bully any way to try to win it over by threatening the Northern Ireland deal, the fishing deal, giving back Gibraltar and whatever else they can get their grubby hands on, so don’t be fooled, it’s not a bed of roses, things are bad here and like I said, in some matters its worse.

The riots in France are not just about fuel tax, its about living standards. …. Belgium and Holland have also taken up the baton with the Yellow Jacket Demonstrators because they’re tired of it. …. Take the time to find out yourselves, then you will be glad of Brexit, and like I’ve said, with sense, Holland will follow suit” …

The EU is crumbling and they are desperate to keep hold of UK contributions by any means possible – we MUST leave as promised on 29th March or be dragged down with the rest of the EU member states by the corrupt bureaucrats in Brussels 

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