There is only one religion that threatens western civilization and that is the religious political and totalitarian ideology called Islam.

That religion can justify, from its final revelation the Quran, its other texts hadith and Sira and its exemplary man Muhammad, the slaughter of the infidel, the taking of war booty (sex slaves) sex with minors, Jihad or fighting in the name of Allah, lying, stealing and war crimes.
Islam legislates against women’s equality, it legislates against the non-Muslim. Islam is allergic to criticism, critics are often murdered or imprisoned in Muslim countries. Islam demands death for the apostate, the Blasphemer, the homosexual, the enemy of Islam, the “Heathen” who does not convert, the “people of the book” who refuse to pay the Jizya or convert. Islam alone has been responsible for the deaths of over 270 Million people in the last 1400 years, so let’s bury this nonsense that all religions are equally dangerous.
Islam is the only major world religion that’s text and leader explicitly condones or condoned the long catalogue of crimes listed above.

And yes, many crimes have been committed in the name of Christianity, but none of them could be justified by the example of Jesus, they are afront to the person of Jesus.
If a man or woman imitates Jesus Christ, they will live a life of sacrifice, charity and good deeds to all. (sadly, none of us ever live up to the imitation of Christ)
Whereas if one imitates every aspect of Muhammad’s life, he will live a life of debauchery and crime that would probably see him locked up for a very long time!
Christianity goes bad when its followers disobey the final written authority the New Testament and its exemplary man Jesus, Islam goes bad when its followers obey and follow the life and alleged teaching of Muhammad!

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