Is Yvette cooper a liberal fascist?

The threat to free speech does not just come from the Islamist lobby groups or the SWP sponsored “commie bots” that scream “Nazi scum” at any with a slightly centre right opinion.

The real threat comes from genteel and well-spoken middle-aged folk that you would expect to be primary school teachers, bank clerks or social workers.

These people don’t shout their abuse at those they disagree with, they don’t have to! Instead of shouting abuse they quietly discuss in the corridors of power how they will slay the mythical dragon of the English far right working class. They are fixated on silencing any opinion that only 20 years ago would have been deemed mainstream and sensible.

These whispering assassins of freedom are people like the demur Yvette Cooper, the weepy Nick Clegg, the dead pan Amazonian Amber Rudd, her successor the “Tele Savalas” look alike Sajid Javid, the aspiring Calif of London “Sadie can’t”  and of course the wild eyed “peroxided” Anna “Sourface” (probably the most hated political figure in the UK)

Let’s look at who tops the poll in order of authoritarian credentials and let’s ask the question is fascism alive and well in the 21st Century among those who claim to hate it the most “the Liberal metropolitan elite.”

Yvette Cooper MP By Chris McAndrew

For me Yvette Cooper MP tops the totalitarian totem pole, Cooper is leading the charge to shut down so-called right-wing extremists on all social media platform’s, she heads up the Home Affairs Select Committee,[i] she was shadow home secretary[ii] Jan 2011 – Sep 2015 and shadow foreign secretary in 2010-2011, she has been described as one of the 100 most powerful women in Britain by BBC radio 4s woman’s hour program[iii]  

Cooper has unfettered access to the mainstream media she is extremely well politically connected, her Foxtrotting[iv] husband Ed Balls, held several cabinet positions, and they were the first married couple in history to serve in cabinet together! She is the epitome of the liberal elite.

She also has a convenient memory, in a video clip featured in the daily telegraph cooper crowed about how “politics should be a chance for everybody to have their voices heard[v]” everybody except those coopers disagrees with.

Cooper is one of the chief conspirators who wants to stop Brexit[vi] and at the same time silence voices of political dissent that disagree with her “Muscular” Liberalism. In the last year she has hauled the social media giants before her committee to grill them on why they are allowing non liberal content on their platforms[vii] and written to them demanding action against those she believes to be far right political activist’s.

Tommy Robinson is the main hate figure for the metropolitan liberal elite and the inquisitorial Cooper has singled him out for her quiet venomous assault.[viii]

Cooper is behaving in a way that has been described as liberal fascism by Jonah Goldberg[ix], she is doing her best to overturn democracy and silence those who criticize her “progressive” views, the irony is many of her targets are supported and classed as heroes by her own constituents![x]

Cooper is the at forefront of the attack on free speech and democracy in the UK if she is not a “liberal fascist” she is doing an almost perfect impression of one.

I wonder in these circumstances can we call in Antifa’s attack dogs? and use their phrase against her “Smash the Fash!” Of course we wouldn’t and shouldn’t, but we should and must monitor her and call her to account democratically for her words and actions by removing her from power at the next opportunity!  

The sooner the better!











Yvette Cooper MP By Chris McAndrew

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