In 2006 Tony Blair’s government under pressure from groups linked to Islamic extremists [1] put a law before parliament that would have made speaking against the doctrines of Islam a criminal offense[2]. This is the amazing story of how that Bill was defeated and a warning about how we must resist every attempt made by Islamic supremacists to impose Sharia Blasphemy laws on the UK or any other draconian laws restricting freedom of speech[3].

Just over a year after fanatical Jihadists slaughtered themselves and 52 innocent people in the worst terror attack in British history[4], the Blair Government under pressure from Islamist lobby groups and misguided parliamentarians put a bill before the House that would have made criticism of religion a criminal offense.

Despite huge opposition from both secular[5] and Christian[6]civil liberty groups, the huge majority the then Prime Minister Tony Blair enjoyed in Parliament, made it almost inevitable that the bill would pass. If the act became law freedom of religion and freedom of speech would have been threatened and eventually destroyed and religion, no matter how bad, would be protected from scrutiny, mockery or critique.   

The main group lobbying then as now was the Muslim Council of Britain, a religious and political lobby group widely believed to be heavily influenced and even run by the Islamist groups the Muslim Brotherhood and the Pakistani Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami, the MCB deny these links but numerous journalists and  UK government officials say they are inextricably linked.

In 2014 the UK government published a report into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and their connections with the Muslim council of Britain and the Muslim association of Britain. This is what the report stated about the links between the MCB and MB.

“For some years the Muslim Brotherhood shaped the new Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), dominated the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and played an important role in establishing and then running the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). MAB became politically active, notably in connection with Palestine and Iraq, and promoted candidates in national and local elections. The MCB sought and obtained a dialogue with Government.”[7]

The fact that MB allegedly runs the MCB, should send a feeling of dread through every right thinking, freedom loving democrats’ heart.

According to the think tank the counter extremism project[8]

“The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 to revive the caliphate, following the abolition of the Ottoman Empire by the Turkish Republic four years earlier. Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna rejected the phenomenon of Western-style nationalism and espoused an ideology of “pan-Islamic nationalism” in the hopes of bringing back the caliphate.

Hassan al Banna, the founder of the brotherhood made his vision clear.

“Islam does not recognize geographical boundaries, nor does it acknowledge racial and blood differences, considering all Muslims as one Umma (global community of Muslims). The Muslim Brethren (Muslim Brotherhood)…. believe that the caliphate is a symbol of Islamic Union and an indication of the bonds between the nations of Islam.

They see the caliphate and its re-establishment as a top priority…”

Hassan al-Banna founder of MB [9]

The fact that lobby groups controlled by the Muslim brotherhood and other Islamist groups and parties influenced the UK government to such an extent that by 2006 they were dictating policy, is truly horrifying. The MCB lobbied hard for the legislation in 2006.[10]

The legislation according to the hard-left Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee would have “Marched right into dangerous new terrain. Here is an example: it is now illegal to describe an ethnic group as feeble-minded. But under this law I couldn’t call Christian believers similarly intellectually challenged without risk of prosecution. This crystallises the difference between racial and religious abuse.”

Many civil liberty activists believed that the main reason the MCB and Islamic supremacist groups were pushing for the religious hatred legislation was to stop critique and scrutiny of Islam, including scrutiny of its texts it’s founder and its most extreme followers. Then and now they want to stop critique of Islam and the behaviour of its followers their aims remain the same today as they were then.

So how was the legislation stopped? and what can we learn about how we can stop further legislative attempts to curb our fundamental freedoms in the UK.

A group of Christians in Northern Ireland heard about the proposed “Religious hatred” legislation that was about to be put before parliament, they saw the danger and did what Christians do they started praying about it, they also did something that most Christians don’t do they wrote to their local MP, the MP was initially quite dismissive of the dangers of the new legislation, but thankfully she was persuaded to look again at the proposals.

When she did, she realised the full consequences for religious freedom if this bill became law. The MP decided to vote against the bill!

However, that was only one vote, the then Labour government had a huge majority in parliament, it would be a token but would make no difference, the UK was about to be plunged under the yoke of Sharia Blasphemy law.

As has so often happened in British history a series of providential events saved the country from disaster!

In Scotland the SNP had been putting the labour party to the sword, the grandees of the Labour party, led by the British Bullion thief, were parachuted into a remote part of Scotland to do battle with the “restive natives” (a battle which they lost!)

The exodus from London meant Blairs enforcers and a multitude of Labour MPs were absent for the vote.

The majority was now so narrow that there was a very real possibility that the vote could be defeated and freedom of thought, religion and speech would be saved.   

As the votes were cast Prime Minister Blair for reasons no body has ever discovered, left the voting lobby and did not vote.

Remember the Northern Irish MP that was persuaded to vote against the Bill? Well she honoured her word and voted against the motion.

The Bill was defeated by one vote! Our freedoms were saved!

Providence, prayer and politics working together for the good of our country?

I think so.

For a time, the threat from Islamist lobbyists receded, but now the threat to freedom is greater than ever, the influence of Islamic supremacists and Islamist groups over government, political parties and civil society has grown exponentially. Internet regulation and dodgy definitions of Islamophobia are being fought over in the corridors of power.

Social media companies are censoring legitimate critique of the “Religion of peace” and people and political parties that dare to challenge the Dhimmitude of the establishment are demonised silenced and even imprisoned.

Is the war lost?

No, not yet, but if we don’t act as the little old ladies from Northern Ireland did, we may well lose!











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  1. What a debt we owe those little old ladies and what a responsibility we now have to ensure our freedoms are protected.

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