The Brexit party may have won the election, but democracy and freedom are losing in the UK.

Nigel Farage is on the crest of a wave, after his historic victory in the EU elections, but democracy and not the Tory party could be the biggest loser, in this election!

In 2018 Gerard Batten took over the failing UK independence party, he made alliances with veterans and football fans that were concerned about the 2017 surge of Jihadist attacks and had taken to the streets in their tens of thousands to protest.  

This was the birth of a genuine grass roots working class political movement, the first time in living memory that a street protest group had joined itself to a mainstream political party. Under Battens leadership, he calmly rebuilt the party stabilizing its finances and steadily increasing its membership. UKIP was back and with new members vigour and vision. Farage was enraged he had walked away from UKIP after the referendum, and was quite happy to see the party sink. The newly empowered party had little time for Farage and the feeling of contempt was mutual. When Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson struck up a genuine friendship, Farage saw his opportunity to attack Batten and UKIP.

He insulted the new membership of football fans and veterans calling them “Tattooed skin heads and thugs.” The mainstream media then continued the assault calling the football fans violent racists. The fans were neither violent or racist but mud sticks!

The attacks on UKIP from Farage and the press were totally unfair, UKIP had not morphed into the British National Party. They had simply said they wanted to have a dialogue about Islam in Britain and how certain aspect of the ideology of Islam seemed to be leading to Terrorism, supremacism and the racist rape of white and Sikh English children.

Farage ever the opportunist and his chums in the mainstream media assassinated the character of Batten and other prominent members of the party.

The damage to the party’s reputation proved critical in the upcoming election.

UKIP was all but wiped out by the new Brexit party, not because of its policies but because of the fake news of the mainstream media and lies of its political enemies!

There will now be a leadership election and the only hope for UKIP and its new leader is that he and the party keep their nerve and continue to work with its new working-class base. There is not room for a Brexit party 2.0 in British politics.

The assault on freedom and democracy was about to take a more sinister turn, when political activist and journalist Tommy Robinson launched a campaign to become a MEP. Robinson had already had his social media accounts closed down at the request of the serial second home flipping MP Yvette Cooper[1]

Canadian Journalist and editor in chief of Rebel media Ezra Levant has catalogued the establishment assault on Tommy.

According to Levant, “Tommy has been de-platformed and un-personed by the UK political establishment:”

Ezra went on to explain how Tommy was, “kicked off of Facebook and Twitter, where he had nearly 2 million followers combined!  

Another Silicon Valley tech giant, called Stripe, cut off credit card services from Tommy’s campaign mid-way through the election.

The Royal Mail refused to deliver Tommy’s campaign brochures. That’s illegal, but it happened.

Police actively blocked Tommy’s campaign events and turned a blind eye to violence against him and his supporters.

The UK attorney general prosecuted Tommy for contempt of court, literally in the middle of the campaign. The UK mainstream media was as demonic towards Tommy as always.

That may sound like excuse-making. But if a political candidate cannot communicate by any means — not on the Internet, not by the mail, and not through normal media reports — how is it possible to win in 2019? Imagine Donald Trump without Twitter.

There were surely other factors afoot, too. But to me, the great lesson from Tommy’s campaign is that once the establishment de-platforms you, they can attack you, and you can’t fight back. They tried it out on Tommy; I wonder who they’ll try it out on next.”

Ezra is right not only was Tommy de- platformed, but scores of his followers and friends had Facebook accounts de activated, blocked or suspended. Anne Marie Waters For Britain Party was banned from twitter and other critics of the “progressive” agenda have had their social media accounts restricted or deactivated. A large number of people have lost data, contacts and family photos with no explanation given. Facebook users have been banned for posting photos, videos or even the names of other un-personed people all to please the inquisitors of Westminster.  

The behaviour of elected representatives, social media giants has been appalling, but new legislation proposed by Sajid Javid, called ironically internet harms legislation, is about to make the situation a whole lot worse.

According to Fraser Myers of Spiked on line, the new legislation will put an end to internet freedom.[2] According to Myers “The government’s latest proposals mark a significant and decisive shift away from internet freedom. A new regulator will be established to draw up a code of practice and enforce a ‘duty of care’ on tech firms. The regulator will be given powers to fine websites and tech platforms. In some cases, internet service providers (ISPs) will be ordered to block websites entirely.”

We all know how this will end it will be another tool for the “liberal fascists” to use to silence all voices of dissent, particularly from those that they perceive to be from the wrong side of the tracks.

This is just the latest in a long line of authoritarian legislation passed by an increasingly illiberal, liberal elite, if the Brexit party win the battle to free us from the EU, then the next fight must be to free us from an increasingly totalitarian ruling class.



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  1. Sorry your facts are wrong – Royal Mail did not refuse to deliver Tommy Robinson’s campaign brochures. It was one woman acting on her own. Apparently, she is now being re-trained. I have it on good authority however from someone who used to train postmen/women that this is an absolute sacking offence. Royal Mail have got it wrong in that they should sack her. Royal Mail cannot refuse to deliver mail unless it is dangerous for the post person to deliver to a house such as a dangerous dog or the premises are unsafe.

  2. I concur! But there was a cancer within UKIP before the 2016 referendum, which began to manifest itself immediately after the results were known. The first ,and in my opinion was the party”s contradiction of the 2015 manifesto concerning freedom of speech, plus denying the threat of militant Islam, even going so far as to imply that an Australian government statement about the risks posed was not true. This was followed by the ludicrous leadership contests which simply made the party look silly, In my locality UKIP was considered a joke, and not taken seriously.

    Gerrard Batten and Mike Hookem deserve praise for keeping the banner flying, and It is sad to see them lose their MEP seats. However, we are where we are, and the the battle which must be won is BREXIT. I probably bore the ‘pants off” of those who know me when I repeat this is like world War Two all over again. Three very different types of political countries united to defeat Germany and Japan. First win the war, and then sort out the different ideologies afterwards. All BREXITEERS must unite until we finally leave the EU, if not, divide and conquer will deliver victory to our Quisling enemies. Slagging each other off is counter productive, and whatever ones opinion of Nigel Farage, he has the charisma
    to deliver BREXIT. There wouldn’t have been a referendum without him!

  3. They didn’t win any election. They got 30.8% of the votes cast by 37% of the electorate.

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