Could our troops be Court-martialed for being too patriotic?

Has the British Army been infiltrated by the Extreme right wing (XRW) or are our soldiers the latest victims of the “progressive’s” march to an internationalist utopia?  

Late last week a leaflet started appearing on social media sites, the leaflet appeared to be from the British Army, however it was so badly written and the content was so bizarre and politically biased I thought it must be a hoax, sadly it was not.

On Thursday 29th May the Daily Mail published a story verifying this was indeed an Army document, designed to weed out the potential “Fascists” in their midst. [1]

McCarthyite hunting in the 21st century, only instead of reds under the bed this time it is, Nazis under the DPM duvet!

According to the Mail the document was produced to be “A guide to help British Army officers spot extreme right-wingers” in the ranks.

When I read the Army “red” or should we say “brown” flags, I was left wondering could you be now Court-martialled for being a patriot and be promoted for being a traitor!

Of course, this is how the UK government has operated for the past twenty five years so why not impose the same regime on the Army?  

This chilling document gives real insight into the thinking within the UK military in relation to the so called “XRW”.

When we look at the Army Antifa aid memoire, we see a confusing and ill thought out pamphlet that lumps the real “far right” in with genuine patriots, this is a mistake made throughout government, that is encouraged by the far left, the “progressives” and the Islamists lobbyists.

If they can include genuinely patriotic service men and women who are concerned about mass immigration and Islamic terror as well as national sovereignty and the rise of the far left in the UK, with the ill-defined XRW.

Then the hard left can soften the military up and eventually purge it of genuine patriots, who are concerned about the direction of travel our nation is heading, as well as ridding it of the real racist and fascist anti-Semitic, who have no place in the British Army.  

For the sake of brevity let me look at just three of the “XRW” thought crimes the Army is seeking to purge from its ranks, and show just how ludicrous and ill informed the writer of the document was.

Our brave soldiers are considered to be in danger of becoming “XRW” if they: –

  • Describe themselves as ‘Patriots’

(I always thought being patriotic was rather a good idea for men and women who are willing to die for their country, maybe I am out of touch! It is obvious these young warriors want to fight for the EU “Jean Claude Junker Needs You!”)

  • Add ‘istan’ to British place names

(There is great irony about this offence, the person who made the word “Londonistan” famous was the brilliant Jewess Melanie Phillips, in her book of the same name,[2] hope the officer class of the British army is given a copy of this book to meditate on, as well as their copy of the communist manifesto and the Quran! Doubt it though. Anyway, using phrases coined by an ex guardian, Jewish journalist is hardly the actions of a Nazi is it?)

(Lets looks at some of the “XRW fascists” that use the term, ‘Islamofascism’, President GW Bush,[3] the late atheist apologist Christopher Hitchens, the Jewish intellectual and never Trump cheer leader, Eliot A. Cohen and the Muslim Journalist Stephen Suleyman Schwartz. Again hardly card carrying members of the KKK! The term Islamofascism was used by Bush and others to separate “political” Islam or “Islamism” from “religious” Islam, this of course is a false division as Islam as a whole is a political and religious system that cannot be divided, Islam is a holistic system that dictates every area of the believer’s life including politics and law. So, the term “Islamofascism” is used to stop attacks on Islam not promote them!)

There are other very worrying aspects of this document, like conflating critique of religion with hatred of the adherents of that religion, comparing so called Islamophobia with Anti-Semitism by linking attacks on Jews and Muslims instead of treating both as different crimes with different motivations.  

Many of the other “thought crimes listed” are just that, who is to judge whether a statement about the left is true or false? Can a soldier now not have an opinion that is contrary to that of the sitting government?

Is it now an offence under the Army act for a soldier to critique the policy of a labour party-political leader who has had love ins with the IRA and Hamas?

The question I am asking is has the British Army now been taken over by the so called progressive “Liberal Fascists”. Who are poisoning every other corner of civil society, with their PC “woke” agenda?

If the army has been infiltrated by the far left and their equality and diversity storm troopers, then our battle to save our nation just got a lot more difficult to fight!

What will we do when we hear of the first soldier to be Court-martialled for being too patriotic?




2 Replies to “Could our troops be Court-martialed for being too patriotic?”

  1. Just as in the USA, there was a drive to infiltrate every organisation throughout the western world with S.E.S. (Senior executive Service) globalists, and I fear our military has already been infested. Unless we see a Q style patriotic Generals uprising, it’s going to be bloody difficult to remove these fascists, and that’s exactly what they are.

  2. This XRW leaflet from the British Army is a terrifying sign of how far the ‘progressive’ left have addled the brain of the army, our politicians and every other corner of society. Other recent symptoms including the Government’s failure to include troops who SERVED in Northern Ireland in the time-up amnesty; not to mention the Governments engagement with malicious lawyers bringing fabricated cases against our troops who served in Iraq.

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