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Understand Islam in Under an Hour

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Farooq bin al-Ashraf



Islam is often misunderstood

This is a book about Islam. It is not a book about Muslims.

This book aims to make sense of Islam and of what is happening around the world in its name.

This book is based entirely on Islamic scriptures, traditions and history and as a result is at odds with the message propagated by much of the mainstream media and most of the politicians of the West; that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

The author recognises that there are many Muslims that find solace, peace and comfort in the ‘religion’ parts of Islam. This book is not a challenge to any peaceful Muslim who:

• Wishes to live under the rule of the law of the country in which they reside.
• Wishes to pursue a private faith without compelling others to submit to its dogma.
• Accepts unconditionally the inalienable rights of others to ‘Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness’.


This book is critical of:

• Islam, an expansionist, intolerant and totalitarian ideology.
• The Islamic governments that enforce Islam through the structures of State to create regressive, unequal and corrupt societies, oppressing freedoms, legitimising misogyny and homophobia and exporting extremism around the world.
• The large number of people from across the globe who pursue, advocate or sympathise with the fantasy of Islam’s superiority, the dream of a global Islamic empire and Islam’s clearly stated goal of the destruction of Western civilisation.
• Muslims and non-Muslims alike who have not read Islamic scriptures and yet declare Islam to be a ‘religion of peace’. Had they read Islam’s ‘sacred’ books and studied its history they would see that, while the terrorism and atrocities we see across the world may well have nothing to do with the Muslim who lives next door to us, they have everything to do with Islam.

Critics may attempt to undermine the content of this book and may claim that it is driven by hate however, it is driven by love of freedom, of truth and of humanity. If you get to the end (and I hope you do) then I trust that the message is clear.

Thank you for your deep and thoughtful writing, based on (your) own research, and thank you for your honourable support of our common goal, saving the European cultural identity and heritage.
Cabinet Office of Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary

Western societies cannot afford to ignore Islam, and if their non-Islamic citizens, the ‘Infidels’, want to know what the future could hold for them then they need to read this book.
Gerard Batten, Member of the European Parliament for London

This book exposes Islam for what it is, a dangerous religious and political ideology built on shaky foundations. Farooq shows in a clear and concise way that Islam has the potential to destroy western civilisation…
Tommy Robinson, Bestselling Author and Independent Reporter

2 reviews for Understand Islam in Under an Hour

  1. Richard Inman

    Superb summary of the major threat to Western civilization in the 21st Century, buy this book and make up your own mind!

  2. Jack Norton

    Really found this helpful in explaining the problem to my unenlightened friends.
    Structured case and evidence from the Koran and Islam’s other books.

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